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Sudeck & Co. Hamburg


Longtime Experience

Sudeck & Co. GmbH is trading with wood products such as: boules, lumber, mouldings and veneer.

Our products are usually from various African countries, but we also trade with timber from other origins (i.e. Brazil).


The business is run form our head office in Hamburg / Germany. In order to maintain a close contact with our suppliers, we also have two offices in Ghana (Kumasi and Takoradi). Furthermore we are regularly traveling to the various countries to keep in touch with our local suppliers.

We are a partner to our suppliers due to the diversity of the species, products, qualities and specifications. This enables us to supply our clients regularly and reliably.

We deliver to customers worldwide, usually to stock-keeping importers and large-scale consumers of the door-, furniture-, window- and flooring-industry. Coordinated from Hamburg most of the timber is delivered straight from the mill to it's destination in or outside the EU.

Juergen Sudeck

Sudeck & Co. Hamburg

George Amandeh

Sudeck & Co. Takoradii-Ghana

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